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 Allegiance of Dominance

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Allegiance of Dominance Empty
PostSubject: Allegiance of Dominance   Allegiance of Dominance Icon_minitimeFri Aug 29, 2008 7:40 am

Name: Allegiance of Dominance

Members: Magicana, Dapice

Alignment: Heel

Info: (I will re-post our first promo, as it sums things up very nicely).

Magicana: "Once again, I have been screwed. If I had no interference in my matches, my record in the WCF would be a perfect 3-0. Now that I am out of the running for the WCF Championship, I turn my mind to revenge. August Rush, Marcus Idol, you have interfered long enough in my matches. I have decided to recruit one of the most dangerous men in the WCF. This man will break any opponent in half, he is one of the most vicious backyard wrestler's ever to step iinto the squared circle. His name... is Dapice."

*The Camera shifts to Dapice, who moves beside Magicana and looks at the camera with a scowl on his face*

Magicana:"He is brutal, dominating, cunning, and he will destroy anyone in his path. We are forming a tag team to destroy anyone who stands in our path. Dapice showed in his match with the Unstoppable Showstopper that he is one of the best in the WCF, and together we shall take revenge on those that have cheated me, and those who try to halt our rise to the top. August Rush, Marcus Idol, we will rip you both apart. Anyone else on the roster who want's to face us, we will destroy you as well. For we are the Allegiance of Domination, and there is no one in the WCF who can match us, pound for pound. We are the best technical wrestler's, the best on the microphone and the smartest wrestler's to ever step into the ring. Long live our reign of dominance!"

*Magicana and Dapice walk off, as Anna stand's alone in front of the Camera*
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Allegiance of Dominance
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