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 Jutah Vs Da Bay Area Boss - A matter of respect

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Cris Mastine
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Vice GM
Cris Mastine

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Jutah Vs Da Bay Area Boss - A matter of respect Empty
PostSubject: Jutah Vs Da Bay Area Boss - A matter of respect   Jutah Vs Da Bay Area Boss - A matter of respect Icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2008 12:42 pm

Jutah: face

DBAB: Heel


Jutah tells of how his army days were all about respect, he says that DBAB has none and promises to beat some into him

DBAB tells Jutah he hates quitters

The two will fight in a straight rules match and then an I Quit match, if they are tied they will face inside a Steel Cage

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Jutah Vs Da Bay Area Boss - A matter of respect Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jutah Vs Da Bay Area Boss - A matter of respect   Jutah Vs Da Bay Area Boss - A matter of respect Icon_minitimeWed Sep 10, 2008 11:40 am


Da Bay Area Boss is relaxing in his Bentley Limo. Joining him are Anna Young, along with the camera man. The Limo is surronded by 15 of his goons. Da Boss is just opening a bottle of Dom Perignon, and pouring some into Anna's glass.

Da Bay Area Boss: You know girl, its about time you got your mind right. You need to come kick it with a boss. Roll with some VIPs. Enjoy the finer things in life. Ya Dig what Im saying?

Anna Young: Look Boss, Im not here to kick it with you. Im here to conduct an interview. Im just doing my job. GOT IT?!!

Da Bay Area Boss: Relax girl, Ill give you an interview. But its just like I been saying. I smash on competition. If I got any problems, I make a phone call to the Goons On Deck. Its nothing to a boss. I see what I want (Begins Eyeing Anna up and down) and I take it. Buy any means neccessary. Even if it means making them an offer they cant refuse.

Anna Young: I guees Speedy Boy refused your offer? He stopped your undefeated streak. And what happend to the Goons On Deck in that match? They were nowhere to be found.

DaBayAreaBoss: Man, why you go and bring that up for? Im still pissed off about that. Ruined one of my best custom made suits, with them DAM DOGS. That dude is a wierdo. I never found him before the match for a sitdown. Word is he and August Rush were hiding out from me. That August Rush, hes on the hitlist too. He should of never poked his nose in my buisness. And why wasnt Allyn disqualified for setting his dogs on me? What kinda sh_t was that? Hes lucky my phone wasnt getting reception. Thats the difference between me or him winning the match.

Anna Young: Well its seems that you have made quite a few enemies already here in the WCF. And now.....

DaBayAreaBoss: YOU THINK I CARE? Enemies, these dudes aint enemies. There stepping stones to me getting to where I need to be. And now .......WHAT!

Anna Young: Well now you have a new challenger. Somebody who says you lack respect. Respect for the rest of the wrestlers on the roster. And all the hard work they have done. To get the WCF where it is today. He vows to beat some into you. His name is Jutah.

DaBayAreaBoss: Who? Jutah, you mean that dude that couldnt hack it in the service so he quit. You little young punk. I cant stand quitters. You want to disrespect me by calling me out. Im tired of these wrestlers thinking they can just step to me. Like Im some type of regular person that takes orders. Ima Boss, Dammit! Thats it. Its time to make a statement. Im am going to beat you so bad, your going to wish you stayed in the army. Once I beat Jutah down to a bloody pulp. The rest of the roster will fall in line. And if not.


"Ill Make Them An Offer, That They Cant Refuse"
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Jutah Vs Da Bay Area Boss - A matter of respect
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