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 The fury behind him... the future ahead of him (Gimmick of Peradus)

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PostSubject: The fury behind him... the future ahead of him (Gimmick of Peradus)   Mon Sep 08, 2008 8:11 pm

My wrestler's name is PERADUS because his personality is very PARADOXic of each other. He has seen the deaths of his parents, was put through trials in the temples of the remount seven peaks, been in the most heavily guarded prison in the world and lived in isolation in a cave. This lead him into becoming very calm during many situations that other people would pee their pants in. He is the kind of person how could stare in the face of death and say "I'm not going with you yet". However, the nightmare that haunts him, his violent past and wanting of revenge has giving him an almost uncontrolable fury. Peradus is the kind of person who starts off a conversation all calm and respectful, but ends off the conversation yelling or fighting.

Peradus tries to bottle up his emotion inside him and tries to not make his thoughts visible to others. This also means that if you say one thing that might insult him, he will be all over you the next second. Peradus is extremely sensitive about his past and also people who thinks that he got here the easy way.

Peradus has a large amount of time to think and now he is trying to turn his life around. He tries to be as polite as he can and release all the fury in the wrestling ring. Despite his skill in martial arts and his title as a wrestler, Peradus is extremely insecure. Maybe all he needs is a friend who he can relate to.
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The fury behind him... the future ahead of him (Gimmick of Peradus)
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