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 Sting323 and Tommy Bullseye Penza

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PostSubject: Sting323 and Tommy Bullseye Penza   Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:50 am


Tommy "Bullseye" Penza's data
Name: Tommy "Bullseye" Penza
Class: Strong
Wrestler's score: 26.300
Wrestler's level: 7

Sting323's data
Name: Sting323
Class: Strong
Wrestler's score: 24.340
Wrestler's level: 7

Team Results
Fought matches:310 (V:137 | P:173| N/C:0)
Tag Team's score: 11.540
Tag Team's ranking: 1781
Tag level: 5

Team's Information
Founder: Tommy "Bullseye" Penza
Founded on: 2008-07-12

Statistics Tommy "Bullseye" Penza
Won Matches: 74 ( 54,01%)
Lost Matches: 90 ( 52,02%)

Statistics Sting323
Won Matches: 63 ( 45,99%)
Lost Matches: 83 ( 47,98%)

Palmares Tommy "Bullseye" Penza
5th Lvl Tag Champ: 1 victories and 1 defenses

Palmares Sting323
1st Lvl Champion: 7 victories and 24 defenses
4th Lvl Champion: 2 victories and 1 defenses
7th Lvl Champion: 2 victories and 0 defenses
5th Lvl Tag Champ: 1 victories and 1 defenses
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Sting323 and Tommy Bullseye Penza
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