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 Second Season Bookings

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Iulius Caesar

Iulius Caesar

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Second Season Bookings Empty
PostSubject: Second Season Bookings   Second Season Bookings Icon_minitimeWed Sep 10, 2008 11:04 pm

*Once again we find the camera centered on the Imperial Villa in Rome. This time Caesar has set up a table for a press conference. As Caesar walks out of the Villa in his Imperial Robe, a crowd of reporters takes their seats. Caesar addresses the assembled reporters:*

Caesar: Thank you all for coming out here today. I know it's a long way for some of you to get all the way to Rome. So thank you for that. I'd like to make an opening statement. Then I'll take questions. My opening statement is this: I had a terrible season last season at WCF. Don't take that the wrong way. I'm honored to work for WCF. It's a great federation, well run, there are good people there. What I'm saying, though, is that I had a terrible season. I managed the less than stellar record of 0-2-2. That's just not good enough, and I've spent the last week here alone thinking to myself, about what I need to do, and I'll tell you this much. There are going to be some major changes in the way that I do business from now on. With that said, I'll take your questions.

First Reporter: Caesar, what do you mean when you say "major changes"?

*A look of disgust flashes in Caesar's eyes*

Caesar: I mean exactly what I said. MAJOR changes! Last season, I was so obsessed with winning with winning the WCF Intercontinental Championship that I was messing around with wrestlers who were out of my league. Well that's not going to be the way it works any more. I will make myself a firestorm of Imperial terror that will rain down whenever and wherever I see fit. If I see one thing happen that I don't like, I will bring all my Imperial might down upon the perpetrator. I'm not looking for championships. I'm not looking to do anything except to exercise some Imperial authority over the good people of the WCF.

Second Reporter: But, Ceaser, how do you feel about not being included in any of the major WCF booking next season?

*Caesar rolls his eyes.*

Caesar: Like I said, I'm not looking for championships. If WCF doesn't see it fit to give me major booking, I'll go make my own booking. People won't know when or where I'll show up. But, they'll know when I show up. *Caesar stands up and looks forcefully at the reporters* We're done here! I'll see you at Slamfest! HAIL CEASAR!

*Ceasar flashes the Imperial Salute, turns and walks back into the villa.*
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Second Season Bookings
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