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 Horseman arrive...

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Horseman arrive... Empty
PostSubject: Horseman arrive...   Horseman arrive... Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 2:27 am

*Horseman enters the place, walk through the Backstage and cameraman is following him.... he walk to the lockeroom door and open it... suddenly in doorstep shows his old Stable partner Da Bay Area Boss*
Horseman: "Well!!! What a surprise men! I'm glad to see you there!!! You know who's coming here too....?! I quess you already know... but let's keep it in secret for now! Others will see it soon.... and this is "bad news" for them"! * laugh Horseman with satisfied smile on his face... then Horseman glare at the cameraman and speak to him with angry face*: Will you excuse us... and leave us now alone?! Don't make me push you away.... I need talk to my old buddy eye for an eye!
* cameraman understand to better do that what he asks and camera slowly fade away from them*
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Horseman arrive...
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