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 BaneSaw first ever interview!

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BaneSaw first ever interview! Empty
PostSubject: BaneSaw first ever interview!   BaneSaw first ever interview! Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 12:43 pm

Anna Young:"Tonight we will get our first interview with The Walking Nightmare"

*The camera follows Anna to the boiler room*

*BaneSaw steps from the shadows,startling Anna and her camera crew*

Anna Young:"Excuse me BaneSaw but,I myself and the fans are wondering!What are your plans for tonight"

BaneSaw:"One task is at hand tonight!The man known as the Peacemaker has issued a open challenge to the locker room!Well I accept your challenge and issue one to you myself!Tonight lets dance inside the squared circle in a Lastride Match!I understand if you do not accept this challenge being the coward you are!

Anna Young:"Peacemaker is highly reguarded by the fans.I doubt he will let them down and not accept this challenge!"

BaneSaw:"That my dear Anna is what I am banking on his pride.That alone will be his destruction listen to your fans Peacemaker sign the contract for a Lastride Match.And tonight you will dine with The Walking Nightmare!"

*The strange mist that always looms when BaneSaw is present begins to surround the boiler room*
*Within seconds Anna and the camera crew can see nothing!*
*When the mist subsides BaneSaw is no where to be seen!*

Anna Young:"Well ladies and gentleman that had to be my wierdest interview yet!We can only hope that the Peacemaker steps up to the challenge and defeats this man known as The Walking Nightmare!"
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BaneSaw first ever interview!
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