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 The BloodBath Begins

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The BloodBath Begins Empty
PostSubject: The BloodBath Begins   The BloodBath Begins Icon_minitimeWed Sep 17, 2008 8:51 pm

*BaneSaw lifts himself off the mat.Motioning for a mic!Grinning from ear too ear,with blood still pouring from the wound on his head!*

BaneSaw:Im still standing Peacemaker!What has taken place tonight was a mere fraction of what the two of us are capable of,in this ring!This blood pouring from me is a gift from you to me!

*Banesaw wipes the blood from his brow and licks his hand clean*

BaneSaw:After tonight this is only the begining of the blood we will spill!I wrestled in a match tonight the powers that be signed for us.I am issuing a challenge of my own!Lets take this to the next level if you got the testicular fortitude!Lets dance in a Last Ride match so we can take ourselfs beyond normal limits.To HELL and back is thee offer too you will you accept this challenge!

*BaneSaw throws the mic to the ground and a black mist surrounds thee arena!The lights go out when they come back on only a blood stain reading Last Ride is left in the ring*
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Cris Mastine
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Vice GM
Cris Mastine

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The BloodBath Begins Empty
PostSubject: Re: The BloodBath Begins   The BloodBath Begins Icon_minitimeSat Sep 20, 2008 4:52 am

Last Ride.... I like it

Season Finale stuff Very Happy
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The BloodBath Begins
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