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 Hawk Calls Out Revelation

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PostSubject: Hawk Calls Out Revelation   Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:35 pm

A single gunshot cracks out in the arena, and the lights go out. After a moment, the song "Fight" by Three 6 Mafia hits on the loudspeaker, and a thin spotlight captures the image of Assassin: Hawk making his way slowly to the ring, clad as always in his long, dark suit. He enters the ring, and leans on the turnbuckle, holding a microphone...

Hawk: So I pretty sure we was all here last Sunday. We all saw what happened. But in case you missed what went down, let me break it on down to you.

Two cats was havin' a little tussle in the ring, two dudes called
Revelation and shady. Nothin' special really happenin', if I honest wit you. And then things, well, they did change. Your boy hit the ring, and I tazed this dude Revelation. Yeah, you heard it right, I tazed his ass. I put him flat on his back, helpless, and shady got the win.

He grows more agitated now, clenching his fists and pacing the ring instead of reclining lazily in the corner...

Hawk: And that was that. Business done. But then your boy is tryin' to have a match of his own, about to beat down some chump and keep on gettin' mine in this fed. I had him all set up for a little Back Alley Kill Shot, and alls of a sudden, my legs get taken out from me. This punk Revelation pulled me outta the ring, and then he and the chump gave me a little gang stomp until I got counted out. Bunch of punks. Who wins by a damn count out?

And now, see, I got a problem.
Revelation, see, WE got a problem. As I be seein' it, you must have had been a little put out that Hawk got himself involved in your match, and that I shocked yo ass till you squealed. And hey, that's your right. But you need to understand, that wasn't nothin' personal on you...that was just business, baby. I couldn't care less who wins some mid-card yawn-fest, son, but when I get paid, then it becomes a business situation. And I don't see how you can be mad at a brotha for tryin' to make a buck. I even warned you that it would happen, playboy. What does I say, every time I comes out here? I say "if you ain't payin' me, you're opponent is." And guess what, dog? Your opponent was. That's how business works, son, and business be good right now for the AHPA.

At this point, he mounts the turnbuckle with the quickness of a cat, and stares up the ramp into the back, somehow intensely frightening despite his wearing sunglasses inside the dark arena...

Hawk: But then I guess YOU decide it's gonna be personal. Can't let a businessman do business. So now it's personal. And when it gets personal, it gets ugly. So step up, baby. I ready to break you in half...
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Cris Mastine
Vice GM
Vice GM

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PostSubject: Re: Hawk Calls Out Revelation   Thu Sep 25, 2008 10:37 am

Due to the WS difference it is unfair to make a match but I can work around it I suppose Razz
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Hawk Calls Out Revelation
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