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 The walking Nightmare!

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PostSubject: The walking Nightmare!   Fri Oct 10, 2008 11:34 am

*BaneSaw makes his way to the ring,mic in hand*

BaneSaw:Lately I have been focusing my attention to the IC Title holder Peacemaker!But make no mistake I have been paying attention to all these so called tuff guys forming alliances!If you boys in the back are the tuff guys you claim to be why would you need an alliance.I stand here before you all alone and waiting for any challenge to come my way.And dont think Im forgeting about you pacemaker!Cause my one true goal is becoming the IC Champ!And before this Nightmare is over I will be the new champ.All I'm asking is for some new blood too spill along the way or maybe even a man to step forward and add a new twist to myself and Peacemakers fued!So if any are willing to spill buckets of blood and take there self to another level then by all means step up Im not hard to find!You ask where I'll be Ill be there and by there I mean Down There!

*The Mist surrounds thee arena and BaneSaw is gone when the lights return*
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Posts : 46
Join date : 2008-08-18

PostSubject: Re: The walking Nightmare!   Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:19 am

*A pre-recorded clip appears on the titantron*[b]*BaneSaw can be seen sparring with an unknown wrestler,BaneSaw Lifts thee unknown into the air executing a Ultimate Syn![/b]

BaneSaw:I see you have made your way into my shop of horrors!Im training for this upcoming season,day and night no sleep or rest.cause I will not rest until I achieve my Goals here in the
WCFone of those being the destruction of the IC champThe others well those will remain in my twisted head until a later date and time.But anyone willing to test thereself or prove thereself please step forward.The gates of hell are always open and accepting new souls!

*BaneSaw turns back to the unknown figure and lifts him up again executing a mortal Nightmare,the man can be heard screaming in pain,begging for mercy,but Banesaw is stalking the man still for his next move!*

BaneSaw:If I was you I would take that damn camera and leave before I need a new training partner!

*BaneSaw chuckles and the lights go out!Camera crew exits in a very quick fashion*
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The walking Nightmare!
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