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 Caesar has some words

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Iulius Caesar

Iulius Caesar

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PostSubject: Caesar has some words   Caesar has some words Icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2008 2:02 pm

*After his loss to Cakes, Caesar makes his way backstage, where he is met by Anna Young*

Anna Young: *coming up behind Caesar* Caesar, tough beat out there.

Caesar: *whirls around in anger* Oh, was it Anna!?! I hadn't noticed. But let my Imperial Self inform you of one several things. *Smoke begins to rise from beneath Caesar* First, Cris Mastine, you screwed me tonight. You know it, and I know it. And, you know I won't stand for it. What's your point? You bar the One Guardians from ringside, and then you let that little annoyance Granmastersexy down in the front row? What did you think he was going to do, Mastine?!? Don't think it's over between the Guardians and you. Second, Anna, I want Cakes to listen to me, and I want him to listen good. You didn't beat my Imperial Majesty tonight *Caesar points at the camera* Cris Mastine and that joke Granmastersexy cheated me out of my victory tonight. So, it's not over between us. You wanna talk about justice? That's what you're all about, right? You wanna see justice happen? Then step in the ring one-on-one with the Emperor of Chaos. None of Mastine's garbage. I'll even leave the other Guardians backstage if your buddy Marcus Idol and that little wimp Aziruf stay out of the way too.

*The smoke continues to rise, and it now at the level of Caesar's shoulders. He flashes the Imperial Salute, and prepares to leave*

Hail Caesar!

Anna Young: So, you don't have anything to say to Granmastersexy, Iulius?

Caesar: Look, I'm through dealing with that punk. I've pinned him. He knows he has nothing on me. But, you know what, if he wants to keep meddling in matters that are far beyond him, I have a friend I'd like to introduce him to...

*A sound of thunder is heard, and flames shoot up around Caesar. When they fall back down, Caesar is gone; and the only sound is the laughing voice of Thulnar. The camera pans down to the scorched floor, where the word "THULNAR" still smolders on the ground.*
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PostSubject: Re: Caesar has some words   Caesar has some words Icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2008 5:35 pm

*Anna Young finds Cakes in the locker room*

Anna Young: "You came out victorious against Iulius Caesar today. How does it feel?"

Cakes: "I feel great, Anna. But that's beside the point. I've heard about your earlier interview with Iulius. All I can say is a win's a win. Granmastersexy is buckwild! It was fun to see him add on to the beating. Give him time and perhaps he will show WCF what he's got."

Anna Young: "Interesting. I thought you were all about justice and fighting fair?"

Cakes: "Haha well let's be honest, Anna. I don't see myself losing to Iulius ever from this point forward. Period. So for a little interference to play out, that doesn't mind me. If he wants a rematch without anyone else involved, that's fine with me because it is going to be lights out for him.

*Anna Young looks at the camera*

Anna Young: "Well you just heard it here folks. Cakes seems very confident and things seem to be boiling between him and Iulius."
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Caesar has some words
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