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 Magicana Can't Beat Me

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PostSubject: Magicana Can't Beat Me   Magicana Can't Beat Me Icon_minitimeMon Nov 17, 2008 12:04 am

Assassin: Hawk is again sitting at the table in the dark room, which seems to be the headquarters of the Assassin: Hawk Protection Agency...

Assassin: Hawk: First tings first, I back. Had to go away, on a little "business" trip. You know. Let's just say my wallet be lookin' fatter and somebody else be lookin' deader.

He laughs...

Assassin: Hawk: But anyways, now we got that out the way, I here to discuss my return to this here federation. As you all probably had known, at one point in my life I had difficulties beatin' one particular man. That man be called Magicana. No matter what I do, I couldn't beat this dude.

But dat has changed. While I was gone on my trip, I be trainin' and runnin' and fightin' while I was waitin' to do my business. I is a new fighter now. And I just too bad for Magicana. I beat him two straight times now, and I'ma have to keep on beatin' him till he get enough.

He a good fighter, one of da best I fought. But he ain't me. He ain't Hawk. I da baddest man on this planet. And he just can't beat me.
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Magicana Can't Beat Me
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