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 Slamfest 19/11/2008

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speedy boy

speedy boy

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PostSubject: Slamfest 19/11/2008   Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:54 am

Welcome to Slamfest !!!!!
Junk Yard Poodle vs Boy Bakal
Big Remax vs Hardcore Hikel
Bigg Rigg vs XvaiX
Our vice GM with some surprises....
Marcus Idol vs Assasin Hawk
Caesar looks for challenge
Cakes vs Peacemaker
August Rush vs Thulnar
Steve Interface vs Magicana
Speedy boy Alyn vs Iulius Caesar
Mr Wrestling II vs Revelation
Main contender for World Heavyweight Championship
Good night!!

Tickets Request: 3.321
Tickets Sold: 3.321
Tickets Income: 33.210 fantaeuros

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Slamfest 19/11/2008
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