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 Message to Iulius Caesar

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PostSubject: Message to Iulius Caesar   Message to Iulius Caesar Icon_minitimeThu Nov 20, 2008 5:53 pm

*Cakes calls for an interview with Anna Young.*

*Minutes after being notified of an interview opportunity, Anna meets with Cakes backstage.*

Anna Young: "Hello Cakes. Seems to be something you would like to share with everybody. What is it?"

Cakes: "Thanks for meeting with me Anna. I have an important message for Iulius Caesar. I'm not surprised he wants to have a rematch against me. Anybody would want a chance at redemption after a terrible defeat."

*Cakes looks at the camera*

Cakes: "Want another match? Alright, I'll take you out again. I think this time around I'll make it a blood bath. You won't be able to see out of your eyes with all that blood dripping from your face."

Anna Young: "And there you have it. Cakes doesn't seem to mind facing Caesar in another match. Things are shaping up to be interesting between these two."
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PostSubject: Re: Message to Iulius Caesar   Message to Iulius Caesar Icon_minitimeSat Nov 22, 2008 8:12 am

be carefull imperial dominion because when you didn't expected the gran master sexy will destroy you. I don't care how or when but watch your back. Even this you don't have no choise. You make a mistake, interrupting my match and this is the start of a destruction of the imperial dominion.

Nothing will be the same, after this.

Gran Master Sexy
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Message to Iulius Caesar
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