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 A New Beginning: Marcus Idol

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A New Beginning: Marcus Idol Empty
PostSubject: A New Beginning: Marcus Idol   A New Beginning: Marcus Idol Icon_minitimeWed Dec 03, 2008 5:22 pm

*Anna Young is backstage with Marcus Idol*

Anna Young: “Hello wrestling fans this is Anna Young with “The All-American Wrestling Idol, Marcus.” “Marcus, on Wednesday you put the WCF Extreme Championship title on the line; unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way you expected and we now have a new Extreme Champion. Please give us your thoughts.”

*Marcus nods his head, then rubs his chin, and speaks to the fans.*

Marcus Idol: (positive) “Anna, today is the start of a new day; a new beginning.” “Speedy may have won the title, but all of his little cronies are gone.” “That’s a good thing for the fans of the WCF.” “ Speedy has few friends left so it’s just a matter of time for him.”

Anna Young: “Marcus, what’s next for you in the WCF?”

Marcus Idol: (animated and loud) “Well, let me say this to the fans. Idolmania is here to stay, baby!” "I just signed a new contract and I’m looking for bigger and better things.” “I think the The Intercontinental Championship belt would look good around my waist.” “I’m sure the Peacemaker would think differently.” "I also believe it is time for the WCF to establish a tag team title.” “Regardless of whatever the promoters decide or what challenges are ahead, Idolmania is ready to take it to the next level because it’s the best thing going today!”

Anna Young: “Thank you, Marcus.”
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A New Beginning: Marcus Idol
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