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 Not sure....

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Not sure.... Empty
PostSubject: Not sure....   Not sure.... Icon_minitimeThu Dec 18, 2008 1:26 pm

You guys have helped me learn to RP and that means a lot, but this fed has dropped in membership... I'm a free agent right now with a contract sent to me by Alfsta but I don't see myself signing it. There are only 23 people in here and it has been low for weeks now. Speedy has done a great job but he shouldn't have to do a lot to cover for the slack of the GMs. I don't see why new people aren't told about joining the fed because a bunch of people want to join one.

I guess this is sort of like a farewell. There are no hard feelings on my part and maybe I'll see you guys later on. I'll still be Marcus' tag partner till he doesn't want to anymore (because he is growing fast and I'm not lol). I won't blame him if/when it happens. Who knows, maybe after a month or so I come crawling back if I see plenty of new faces and more activity on the forum.

Take care guys.
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Not sure....
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