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 debut interview...

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PostSubject: debut interview...   Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:12 pm

Anna Young: "Joining me at this time is one of the newest additions to the Wrestling Champions Federation, Aziruf!"

*Aziruf gives Anna a wink and smiles at her.*
Aziruf: "Hi Anna! I'm glad to be here right now, having a chance to say hello to the fans of the WCF and give all the 'big nasty' guys a warning: even if you are strong enough to rend telephone books, it helps nothing if you can't catch me! I know I'm a freshling and have to prove myself, but as long I have the fans in my back, I'm able to do anything. So I make a challange to the whole lockerroom, may you be a bear, a machine or a whatever, you won't be able to catch the wind itself. And when the referee counts 1..2..3, and I stand on the turnbuckle celebrating with the fans, the big guys will know, that there is someone coming for them ... coming to take the gold. "

Anna: "Thanks for you time, Aziruf!"

Aziruf: "It was a pleasure talking to you!"
*Aziruf walks away*

Plastic Boy: "What an enthusiastic young man we have here, but challanging the whole lockerroom sure is brave!"

The Voice: "I wouldn't call it brave, but stupid Plastic Boy. Everyone will now look forward to beat him to a bulb. But if he can get out of this victorious, he sure will be a contender for the WCF Intercontinental Championship!"
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Cris Mastine
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PostSubject: Re: debut interview...   Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:16 pm

Nice job, like the style of it... hope to see many more Very Happy

This will be in the first show Smile
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PostSubject: Introduction for luc1anz in show   Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:37 am

Anna Young:Hi folks!We are here to introduce to yourself the latest and selfproclamed best aquisition of Wrestling Champions Federation,luc1anz
*luc1anz smiles at Anna and takes the microphone from his hands.*
luc1anz: "Thanks Anna.This is my first fed but not the latest and the first one from a glamorous career.And you,the fans have the chance to see a new star growing up.But no more talking.But no more talking right now.You will hear from me soon!!
*luc1anz gives the microphone to Anna Young who looks very long at the newest and good looking wrestler of WCF *
Anna Young:That was a nice introduction.We will see how this new wrestler will do in the best regional fed.

Plastic Boy:Yes Anna,this will be very interesting watching the growing of this player.Stay on touch.

The Voice:I'm agreeing with you guys it will be very interesting.I hope a new champion bill born who will have some moves to show us.Watch this guy!
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PostSubject: Sry   Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:37 am

I didnt write correct here my fault Very Happy sry
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PostSubject: Re: debut interview...   

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debut interview...
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