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 gimmick aziruf

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PostSubject: gimmick aziruf   gimmick aziruf Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 3:02 am

while he studied the lucha libre style, his trainer called him "nino del viento" - "child of the wind" as he was quick enough to dodge his opponents frequently just to hit them like a storm. as he is born in japan, he decided to take his nickname into his mother's tongue "warabe no kaze" ... or just "kaze", as is wind in japanese. he also developed his finisher calling him the kenjoukaze - sword of wind as well as a modified dragonrana called kazerana.

he claims to can beat everyone with the fans in his back, as their cheering let the wind grow to a storm, who do not need to fear anyone. as he needs to call himself down from time to time, he uses a kendo technique called "guhs fraba" to keep a cool head and blow his enemies away.
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gimmick aziruf
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