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 World Championship Tournament

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Cris Mastine
Vice GM
Vice GM
Cris Mastine

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World Championship Tournament Empty
PostSubject: World Championship Tournament   World Championship Tournament Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 2:00 pm

1 Cris Mastine
16 Mr Wrestling I

2 Alfsta
15 Shady

3 Mr Wrestling II
14 Tit

4 Boy Bakal
13 XvaiX

5 Serovak
12 Peacemaker

6 Assassin: Hawk
11 Steve Interface

7 Iulius Caesar
10 Papa J

8 Marcus Idol
9 Magicana

Everyone was given a random number which was generated by Microsoft Excel, this is not set in stone for now as the numbers could mean some people will lose fans


The system was a little too unfair on people lower down so I semi-randmoly drew the names, this way it is fairer and there should be no losses of fans.
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World Championship Tournament
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