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 The Idea...

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Cris Mastine
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Vice GM
Cris Mastine

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The Idea... Empty
PostSubject: The Idea...   The Idea... Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 3:34 pm

Invitationals make us money... more money equals more entrances, more entrances equals more experience which equals more advanced techniques which equals a better wrestler!

Post your invitationals in here and challenge eachother.

This way we all make money and advance in the game!

Wins and Losses don't matter as overall the federation is the winner everytime you buy an entrance!

1/3 of the points which promote/relegate federations is based on user votes.

2/3 of the votes which promote/relegate federations is based on the overall stars in a show... MORE ENTRANCES = MORE STARS!!!

Do you get the message?

Good Luck!
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The Idea...
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