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 Cris Mastine's Invitational 0-175

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Cris Mastine
Vice GM
Vice GM
Cris Mastine

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Cris Mastine's Invitational 0-175 Empty
PostSubject: Cris Mastine's Invitational 0-175   Cris Mastine's Invitational 0-175 Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 3:35 pm

Step right up and join what is soon to be the greatest federation around...

We at the WCF: Wrestling Champions Federation are looking for...

Wrestlers level 5-11 who have:

Good Roleplay Skills.
Will be active on the federation forum.
Want to rise through The Wrestling Game's ranks.

Join us and watch your fan count, wrestler score and move sets soar above the rest!

Watch some real action unfold before your eyes!

WCF: Slamfest Wednesday 18.00 ST
WCF Sunday 18.00 ST

***Rematches to all WCF members***
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Cris Mastine's Invitational 0-175
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