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 The Assassin, Hawk

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PostSubject: The Assassin, Hawk   The Assassin, Hawk Icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2008 12:13 am

Growing up as an orphan on the streets of Boston, Hawk was exposed to gang life at a young age. In a "kill or be killed" environment, he quickly rose to the top of the food chain. His huge physical proportions and general disregard for life (his own or others') proved a deadly combination in a world where power is attained only by those who take it...and who are strong enough to survive WITH it.

As he grew older, he grew tired of life on the streets, and took refuge in a local boxing gym. The owner took him under his wing, and boxing was his ticket out of the gang world. He won several tournaments, but was eventually banned for life, for massacring an opponent who had the gall to low-blow him. The burning anger and rage of his youth would never be extinguished, it seems.

Unable to make his way in the ring, Hawk returned to his roots, using his skills with his fists and with a gun to solidify a position as a top hitter for local drug kingpins. Again, his apparent disregard for human life proved a valuable asset in rising to the top of his field.

He has finally found some peace in the field of professional wrestling, a sport where his viciousness and rage are accepted and even praised. He has dominated opponents with brute strength and calculated aggression, employing a technique honed in the street fights and in the gunfights that have shaped this unique man.

He is well-trained, ruthless, and naturally gifted in the infliction of pain. A man of extremely few words, his speech is peppered with street slang that belies a quiet intelligence. He walks alone, as he has for most of his life, and lives by a code that only he understands. This makes him both dangerous and unpredictable, a potential threat to those who consider themselves both his friends and his enemies.
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The Assassin, Hawk
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