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PostSubject: Peacemaker   Peacemaker Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2008 9:54 am

For those who wish to know who Peacemaker is .. I'll tell you ..

When you wish to start a war with someone , believe me Peacemaker is the guy you take the fight to , but believe me when i tell you that you may start it but he will finish it that's why his wrestling name is "Peacemaker" he loves to put an end to all disputes and prove himself as the top dog.

This man lacks nothing in POWER DESIRE and INTELLIGENCE you may think you have his number , you may think you have the upper hand , you may think he has nothing on you BUT when the dust settles Peacemaker will stand proud and give it everything he has got to beat either following the rules or breaking them!

He sleeps breaths and eats wrestling his desire makes him push himself harder after every match ... He backs down from no fights and no man ! So if you're prepared for the challenge just get up and come face ME !

And remember it's not a match .. IT'S A WAR AND I'LL END IT !!!

Looks more like a promo i know but i couldn't help it Rolling Eyes
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