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 The Ripper

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PostSubject: The Ripper   The Ripper Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2008 3:06 pm

Greetings everyone.

The Gimmick of my wrestling is "The Ripper", something dark and esoteric, but beloved by the crowd (like the undertaker Very Happy) and thus, a FACE alignment. Maybe the best way to explain my character is a song from Judas Priest:

I smile when I'm sneaking
Through shadows by the wall
I laugh when I'm creeping
But you won't hear me at all

All hear my warning
Never turn your back
On the ripper

You'll soon shake with fear
Never knowing if I'm near
I'm sly and I'm shameless
Nocturnal and nameless
Except for 'The Ripper'
Or if you like 'Jack The Knife'
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The Ripper
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