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 before dapice's next match

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before dapice's next match Empty
PostSubject: before dapice's next match   before dapice's next match Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 6:59 am

*Anna grabs dapice as he is walking out to the ring*

Anna: dapice you are just about to face your next opponent, are you going to make good on your promise?

dapice: If buy that you mean Ill pick him up and slam him down, knocking him out cold with my lethal DeathWing! then anna ill do my best to please the crowds and make them cheer for the kid from down under

*dapice looks into the camera as it zooms in on his face*

im gona bring the pain and the style, this is gona be a match that you will not 4get! this will be me!! making my mark in the world of wrestling, get ready for a new star

*dapice walks out of camera view*

Anna: Well there you have it guys, this should be interesting
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before dapice's next match
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