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 Allow Me To Introduce myself

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Allow Me To Introduce myself Empty
PostSubject: Allow Me To Introduce myself   Allow Me To Introduce myself Icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2008 10:44 am

The spotlight hits the ring. A man with a microphone, dressed in an Armani suit, with a long platinum chain hanging to his waist, and a gold cane stands in the ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen, and I use the word "men" loosely, allow me to introduce myself. My name, is The Boss. The Bay Area Boss. (Crowd starts to boo) Now Im not introducing myself to make friends. Or to be polite. I could care less what you "Regular" people think. You aint bosses. You dont call shots, or give orders. You take them. (Crowd begins booing even louder) You let other people run your little miserable lives.

Now I bet your asking yourself why somebody, as established as myself. Well respected as myself. With the money that I have. The houses, the cars, private jets, yachts, the diamonds and platinum jewelry, the women. I mean what else could you ask for? (Crowd yells "WHAT"?)

Well you know what, after awhile that stuffs gets boring. Theres only so many trips around the world. I need a new challenge. Something else to conquer and add to my enterprises. And what better place to start than the WCF. (Crowd cheers minimally)

Let me lay it on the line, I want respect, NO I demand respect. Even if it means beating it out of you. My goons stay on deck. Im ready to make a statement, Granmaster Sexy, Big Remax I will start with you too. Once I "put the beatdown" on you to nobodys. The rest of the roster will be ready to get in line and take orders. And for those that refuse to follow orders.

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Allow Me To Introduce myself
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