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 Jutah after draw

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Jutah after draw Empty
PostSubject: Jutah after draw   Jutah after draw Icon_minitimeSun Aug 17, 2008 8:27 pm

*Anna stands at the entrance of the V.I.P room*

Anna: "Good Evening Ladies and Gents!!! I'm here waiting for Jutah... the Soldier that draws with "Speedy boy" Alyn"

*Jutah cames out the door holding a Cola*

Anna: "Hi Jutah... what do you want to talk about your first fight and consecutively, the first draw?"

Jutah: "Oh... hi Anna... hello to all fans of WCF: Wrestling Champions Federation... sorry about my draw, i have nothing to say about that shame, in top of all, after being interruted by August Rush and Magicana!!! That things really BLOW MY MIND WITH ANGER!!!"

*Jutah trows his Cola in the trash can*

Anna: "Wow... take it easy... personaly i think it was not your fault"

Jutah: "Thanks Anna!"

*Anna looks to Jutah shirt*

Anna: "Jutah? Whats the meaning of your shirt?"

Jutah: "It means: 'ONE OF SARGES HEROES'... just to remember who i am... a history that is too long enough to told in a short interview..."

*Anna seems bored and looks to the clock in the wall behind Jutah"

Anna: "Oh... by the way... we have to go. Its such a pleasure to interview you Jutah... so... keep the good job... back to you Voice"

*The camera flashes*

The Voice: "Ok... i can't catch it... WHAT WAS THAT?!?!"

Plastic Boy: "Who knows... maybe next time we find out right from Jutah personaly"
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Jutah after draw
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