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 The ultimate submission wrestler.

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The ultimate submission wrestler. Empty
PostSubject: The ultimate submission wrestler.   The ultimate submission wrestler. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2008 4:11 am

I am Magicana, the ultimate submission wrestler. No matter who I face, you will tap out. Once I lock in the half boston crab, there is no escape. It has made me a 43 time backyard wrestling champion, and it will give me title reign's here as well. There is no escaping the Boston Crab, I have made men bigger than me cry out in pain as their hand's slapped the mat, men who thought that size would be enough to beat me. It is hopeless, I am the ultimate technical wrestler, and if you face me in the ring, I will take you apart

Basically my character is a submission based wrestler, so if you end up facing me, it is something that needs to be incorporated into the promos. As of this writing, my character is a heel. It seems to fit the fighting style best.
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The ultimate submission wrestler.
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