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 debut interview with the unstoppable showstopper

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the unstoppable showstopp

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debut interview with the unstoppable showstopper Empty
PostSubject: debut interview with the unstoppable showstopper   debut interview with the unstoppable showstopper Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2008 1:44 pm

anna: Hey guys, im here this time with one of the newest additions to the Wrestling Champions Federation he calls himself the greatest wrestler to ever stop into the WCF ring The unstoppable showstopper

* unstoppable showstopper pics up his mic*

unstoppable showstopper: Hello anna and hello fans of the WCF!!!!

anna : "Good evening ! Is such a pleasure to meet the newest wrestler at WCF battleground. Are you ready to DESTROY every wreslter you face in the ring?

unstoppable showstopper: I wont just destroy ill obliterate any one who stands in my way on my road to becomig the champ i was born to be!!!

*the unstoppable sowstopper leaves and goes to the locker room*

anna: Good luck and thanks. back to you guys

the voice: well with that attitude he seems that he'll go far in the WCF i like him wen he said nothing will stand in my way i instantly liked him he's gonna totally destroy whoever he faces!!!! they wont stand a chance!
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debut interview with the unstoppable showstopper
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